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  I. Model Code of Liye Tube Bender

In addition to the parameter, the maximum outer diameter of tube bent by the bender, shown by the model, the tube bender also has other parameters (such as wall thickness), which can be found in the parameter list of sample machine. But, following points shall be noted: 
   a. The determination of the maximum tube bending capacity shall be subject to ordinary tube materials, such as 20#, 45# and Q235. If the tube material has strength greater than 400Mpa, the maximum tube bending capacity shall be reduced then. For square tubes, their diagonal size shall be the main parameter. 
   b. For tubes with special section or with strength greater than 400Mpa, please call +86-13914363724 and our company will find an appropriate tube bender for you. 

II. Bending Process of Liye Tube Bender

   Auxiliary bending process is mainly applied for Liye tube bender as it allows the addition of several measures on tube bender mould to get better tube quality. Roll-bending process is applied for Liye double-end tube bender. 

III. Process Parameters of Tube Bender 
    D: outer diameter of tube; t: wall thickness of tube; R: bending radius; material 
    The outer diameter D of tube reflects the size of tube only. The difficulty of the bending of tube is subject to the wall thickness and bending radius of tube. Smaller the wall thickness and radius of the tube are, greater the difficulty of tube bending will be. 
    Generally, we take relative wall thickness and relative bending radius as process parameters of the elbow. 
    Relative wall thickness tx=t/D, relative bending radius Rx=R/D
    For tube with Rx>3D and tx>0.04, standard mould can be used. For tube with Rx<3D and tx<0.04D, wrinkle-proof plate and several cores can be applied to ensure the bending quality. 
    Standard moulds of Liye tube bender include bending mould, clamping block and guide plate (or roll wheel). The core rod, universal core rod and wrinkle-proof plate are purchased parts. 

IV. Introduction to Liye Tube Bender Series
    Liye tube benders are in three series (the features of each series are described in the sample manual)
   1. Ordinary series: DW38NC,50,63,75,89,100,114,130,168
    The structural type of the machines of this series is basically the same, i.e. they are hydraulically driven, controlled by micro-computer controller and digitally controlled. Tube benders of this series have complete functions and after several parts, such as wrinkle-proof block and movable cores (please refer to the figure of sample mould) are installed, tubes with great bending difficulty such as stainless steel tubes with thin wall thickness and small bending radius can be bent. The tube benders of this series have bent stainless steel water pipe joints φ27x2.5, R25,90° (Rx=0.92) φ22x2, R20, 90° (Rx=0.91), aluminum tubes of motorcar air conditioner φ44.5x1.27, R44.4,90° (Rx=1, tx=0.028), copper odor resistant tubes for water heating φ32x0.8, R40, 180° (Rx=1.25, tx=0.025) and various stainless steel handles (Rx=around 1.5, tx=0.03~0.05) successfully. Besides, if some locating device is installed on the tube bender, the bender can conveniently bend some three-dimensional tubes with space angle such as smoke exhaust pipe of automobiles and motorcycle frames. Tube benders of this series are applied in many fields such as automobile and motorcycle, furniture, fitness equipment, decoration, air conditioning, boiler, shipbuilding, electricity and chemical pipeline. 
    2. CNC series: DW25CNC,38,50,63,75,89,100,114,130,168
    By applying PLC+ shaft control module to control the two motor shafts and applying electro-hydraulic proportional valve to control tumbler shaft, Liye CNC tube benders have utility as their main feature. Main electrical and hydraulic elements are imported. As Chinese graphic operation interface is applied, the operation is very simple and the bender operator can know how to use it in one day generally. As PLC is applied for the system, it requires not high on the maintenance personnel and medium and junior technicians are allowed. Machines of this series are especially good choices for enterprises with not strong capital strength or enterprises newly established. Main clients are plants manufacturing automobile silencers, plants manufacturing motorcycle frames and plants building ships. 
    3. Other series:
    In addition to the two series above, the company also has other tube bending machineries such as double-end tube bender, three-roller and seven-roller coiling and bending machine and bending press. Liye double-end tube benders are applied in the industry of furniture and automobile seats most extensively. The three-roller coiling and bending machine is used for the large arc bending (Rx≥6D) of products (including round tubes). 

V. Categories of Bent Materials
Steel products: round tubes, square tubes, U-steel, angle steel, I-steel and flat steel 
Stainless steel: square tubes, round tubes, products, elliptical tubes and special tubes 
Copper products: square tubes, round tubes, products, elliptical tubes and special tubes 
Aluminum products: profiled bars, balcony rails and handrails used for architectural decoration 
Maximum stretch bending length: 9-12.5m
Minimum bending radius: not restricted by equipment but restricted by the cold bending property of the material, it is not limited under allowable mechanics of materials
Bending performance: standard arc, elliptical arc, non-standard arc, U-type, S-type, symmetrical and dissymmetrical arc 
Mass after bending: 
Different materials can be formed in one time, such as spraying, polishing, electroplating, electrophoresis and wiredrawing. Stretch bending can be applied for materials that have had surface treatment while not causing damages or deformation. The material strength can be enhanced through cold bending. 
Materials with cavities or complex section can be formed in one time. The inner wall will not wrinkle and the section will not distort under appropriate relative bending radius. 
Through stretch bending, the residual stress inside the material can be effectively eliminated and the product size and stability can be maintained well. 
Due to the cold hardening of metal material, the general mechanical performance of material can be improved after stretch bending. 
The tubes can be bent in various curve shapes. 
In addition to conventional standard arc, the tubes can also be bent in U-shape, S-shape, W-shape, elliptical shape, parabola-shape, arc shape with linear portion, curve with conical surface, curve with multiple radiuses and other complex curves. 

Tube Bender Series 
    Zhangjiagang Liye Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional company for the manufacturing of tube benders located in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, not only takes the production of high quality equipment as its basic responsibility, but also is willing to benefit customers with its rich tube bending experiences. By studying reasonable tube bending process, the company always tries to find an efficient production method to provide advanced and stable production equipment. 
    Do you need some help on tube bending process and equipment? 
    We have the best tube bender designer and engineer!
    Our tube benders are widely applied in the fields including aircraft engine, automobile, motorcycle and bicycle, shipbuilding, air conditioning, petrochemical industry, furniture decoration, iron art, sport equipment, water heating and sanitary fittings and our CNC tube benders have been stably operated on different production lines for several years. 
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