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DW25CNC3A2S Automatic Pipe Bending Machine

DW25CNC3A2S Automatic Pipe Bending Machine
Product Name:DW25CNC3A2S Automatic Pipe Bending Machine
Category:Automatic bending
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1.Electric control system: world-renowned controllers are applied. For example,servo drivers, servo motors, positioning modules and CPU produced byMitsubishi, Yaskawa and Delta are applied and they have strong performance andexcellent stability.

2. Ultra-largeCPU that can hold the edition of 400 groups of archives is applied. If it isnot sufficient, transmission software can be purchased and installed for thecomputer. The archives can be stored in hard disk to expand the number of editgroups infinitely. (Optional)

3.WINDOWS operating system is installed in industrial computer to be mated withservo system, so it not only has the servo drive feature, but also has thearchives management convenience brought by WINDOWS operating system. Thearchives can also be stored in hard disk or soft disk to expand the number ofedit groups infinitely.

4. It candetect the error and fault automatically and display them on screen, so thatthe operator can eliminate the failures easily.

5. Allprocessing data is input through the touch screen and each elbow can setcompensation value, speed and demould clearance according to differentmaterials.

6. Forsame tube, each elbow can have 5 action sequences and 10 sections of speedindependently for operation of operators. Besides, the work efficiency can beimproved and tube interference point can be reduced.

7.Chinese and English on the touch screen can be switched and the products canalso be ordered according to requirements if it is another language on thescreen. (Optional)

8.Materials can be delivered directly or wrapped according to requirements andXYZ coordinates can be switched to YBC processing values automatically.

9. Afterthe completion of data editing, the data will be protected by password toprevent unapproved alteration of the data. (Optional)

10. Heatexchanger is provided for the electric control system for automatic heatdissipation. If required, NC air conditioner can be purchased to ensure servicelife of electric control system. (Optional)

11. Themachine is provided with automatic oil injection system to reduce friction ofelbow and ensure quality of elbow. (Optional)

12. Themachine can be connected to a printer to print all data on the screen.(Optional)

13.Communication interface and data unit can be provided for the machine, forwhich the network line will be connected to Liye and engineer will conductremote operation and control, immediate monitoring, software updating andtrouble removal, etc. (Optional)

14. Thefeed position of feed trolley, the interference position of safety device anddigital module and interference position of guide mould can be fine adjustedmanually and memorized automatically to eliminate the error of manualmeasurement and losses caused by machine collision.

15. Thefeed shaft will be detected automatically before action so that it can beprevented from colliding with the machine.

16.Action segments can be selected during actual bending to observe interferencepoints and modification work and improve efficiency.