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Common polishing and chemical polishing of stainless steel

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1, stainless steel pipe is generally used for polishing wheel what? 
The kind commonly used wool polishing wheel, and then add some stainless steel polishing wax, thrown out of the stainless steel tube is very bright. 
2, tungsten steel rod slotted polishing wheel to use what is good? 
Tungsten steel rod slotted generally choose to use diamond grinding wheel, you should be asking and PCB drills and milling slotting should be the same token, milling blade, right? General use diamond grinding wheel, can be changed according to the actual requirements of the process, whether the demand of coarse grinding and so on. Tungsten steel grinding wheel is more than matched diamond wheel. Other wheel effect is not ideal. 
3, why stainless steel pipe wall thickness of 4 mm wheel cutting burr? 
Burr grinder can be polished off, or use the burr grinding wheel wear off. If possible, use the wire cutting cutting stainless steel pipe would not have glitches, face very clean. 
4, how to make abrasive cutter deformation decreases in cutting stainless steel pipe? 
Mechanical torque is not enough and too fast feed and spindle runout too have a relationship. Again is cutting discs and production of precision sharpness enough, hamper the cutting quality. 
5, stainless steel pipe cutting why special grinding wheel 
Because it is stainless steel; stick with a saw cut very strenuous. But you can use without approved front cutting machine! 
(1), for ICrl8NigTi This material such as stainless steel materials for chemical polishing, polishing can achieve better results, the result is quite basic and electrochemical polishing. And polishing solution is non-toxic ingredients relatively large chromic anhydride, sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, and only some of salts and additives and other ingredients. At 70-80 ℃ 10-20min after polishing, the surface brightness can be achieved electrochemically polishing effect. 
(2), for 1Crl3, 3Crl3 such as stainless steel ICr13, 3Crl3 metal materials like stainless steel, Suzhou, scissors, etc. used very much, since this material does not contain Ni, Ti and other ingredients, the polishing surface is difficult to achieve brightness requirements, and the use of electrochemical polishing is hampered by the relatively large power lines, in addition to electrochemical polishing solution also uses Cr03 serious environmental pollution and other harmful ingredients, hinder the environment.
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