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Stainless steel also be rusty, rusty after treatment

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Stainless steel is extremely thin and sturdy fine stable chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) formed by the surface, to prevent further infiltration of oxygen atoms, to oxidation, and ability to obtain anti-corrosion. Once there is some reason, this film was constantly undermined, air or liquid oxygen will continue to infiltrate or metal from iron atoms constantly analyze, forming loose iron oxide, metal surface corrosion will continue to suffer. Such a lot of damage in the form of the surface film, more common in everyday life following categories: 
1, stainless steel surface with attachments containing the accumulated dust or other metallic elements heterogeneous metal particles in the humid air, condensate and stainless steel fixtures between the two together into a micro-battery, causing the electrochemical reaction , the protective film is damaged, call it that electrochemical corrosion. 
2, stainless steel surface adhesion of organic juice (such as vegetables, soup, sputum, etc.), in the case of water oxygen to form organic acids, organic acids prolonged the corrosion of metal surfaces. 
3, stainless steel surface adhesion containing acids, bases, salts (such as wall decoration alkaline, lime splash), causing localized corrosion. 
4, in the air pollution (such as those containing sulfides, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide atmosphere), the case of the condensation water to form sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid solution points cause chemical corrosion. 
The above situation can be caused by damage to the stainless steel surface protection film caused corrosion. Therefore, in order to ensure a permanent bright metal surface, not rust, we recommend: 
One must always be clean stainless steel surfaces for decorative scrub, remove attachments, eliminating external factors lead to modification. 
2, the waterfront area to use 316 stainless steel, 316 resistant to seawater corrosion. 
3, stainless steel tubes on the market and some chemical components not meet relevant national standards, less than 304 requirements. So will cause rust, which requires users to carefully choose a reputable manufacturers. 
After the clean up of rusted parts, dry cleaning, passivation layer after a period of time will continue to be generated. 
In the production of stainless steel parts during installation, you should note the following:
1. Whether raw or processed pieces of stainless steel parts in the transport, handling, lifting should be using a dedicated transport, avoid contact with stainless steel wire rope or other sharp carbon steel and other hard to avoid bumps, scratches the surface. 
2. Processing site to be relatively stable, should pave the bench cushion rubber sheet class to avoid damage stainless steel surfaces. 
(3) The next pieces of stainless steel material, which should be used to cut or sheet metal plasma cutting; pipes and other profiles should be used plasma cutting or sawing. Cut laying rubber padded to avoid damage to its surface; plasma cutting, the cut should be cleaned of slag; sawing, clamping Department should padded child protection. Promptly clean up the oil at sawing, sawing residue and other post. 
4 pieces of stainless steel welded prior to installation, the surface must be carefully clean up its oil, dirt and other debris. Should maximize the use of TIG welding. If using manual arc welding, rapid application of low current welding, arc welding area is prohibited in non. The land lines should select the appropriate location, connect securely to avoid arcing or burn burn surface area is too large; welding splash measures should be taken. When cleaning up after the application of welding slag welding stainless flat shovel when not using carbon steel flat shovel. Welds should be carefully grinding the weld and base metal surface smooth transition, not a slag, porosity, undercut, spatter, cracks, lack of fusion and other defects. 
After 5 stainless steel welding is completed, the surface should be cleaned promptly. 
6 stainless steel surface treatment is completed, you should pay attention to good product protection and avoid touching, avoid oil, dust and other secondary pollution.
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